Our Executive Chef, talks travel, inspiration & life decisions.

Name: Karl Cassar

Job position: Executive Head Chef

When did you join the Waterfront Hotel? 

August 2017

Where have you travelled to and where would you like to visit next? 

I am in love with Italy and London, and I’ve recently been to Dubai which was amazing. On my future travels I would like to visit parts of Asia, like Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. Well the list is never ending… 

What do you like most about your job? 

The satisfaction of hard work and the results you get from seeing people enjoy your food and the compliments you get from clients, and colleagues, especially from your team. All I know is I’m happy when I’m at work. I love what I do because it’s a reflection of who I am.

What is your favourite quotation? 

There’s no great chef without a great team

Who inspires you? 

Mainly my Mum and Dad. They always loved being in the kitchen. Apart from that, famous chefs like Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter. But most importantly the people I’ve met on my travels throughout my life that have taught me not just how to cook, but a lot about life and the experiences that make each dish wonderful.

Tell us about yourself in 3 words 

Patient, Diligent, Perfectionist.

How would your team describe you in 3 words

Demanding, Confident, Perfectionist.

Why and when did you decide to become a chef? 

At a very young age. My parents always loved to cook and this rubbed off on me. I always had an interest in how all the combined ingredients give each dish a unique and unforgettable flavour. As time passed by, this interest grew fonder and at the age of 16 I enrolled at ITS to learn all about the culinary world.

If not a chef, what would you be? 

An Architect

What is your favourite cuisine? 

French, Asian and Mediterranean food.

Your favourite cuisine to cook? 

I always loved the French cuisine. 

An item in your kitchen you wouldn’t work without. 

My Apron and especially my knives